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JAMES EVANS received his BA in economics from Fordham University and upon graduating, heard the call to become a visual storyteller, a passion he has had all his life. While working on his MFA at Stony Brook University/Killer Films he made six short narrative films, developed and wrote The Trilogy of Lamentations, co-directed a short documentary, and completed his first feature Dirty Rhetoric.


At SBU he taught various film courses ranging from production, analysis/history, and screenwriting from 2017 through 2021. His company, Donna’s House Productions has worked with students and professional clients to give them practical knowledge of the industry, production, and script doctoring.


In 2019 he co-founded the Mastic Beach Mini Indie Film Fest, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing artists from all walks of life to share their work at this annual event hosted in his hometown. 


His work deals with working class people and the dark humor that is inherent to the human condition. 


He can be reached by email at!

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