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Katherine, a widow, struggling to make ends meet must take in a new roommate, Wanda, who challenges her seemingly independent life, ushering in a storm of chaos, estrangement, and resentment for both women, who seem more alike than they care to admit.



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BAIT & TACKLE (Feature/Development)

Seven strangers settle scores in a dilapidated château in the middle of the night on the Fourth of July in early 1950s America as mysterious flashes of light from the sky sidetrack their festivities, little do they know, it’s the end of the world!

Camera up on July 13th in Southampton, NY




DIRTY RHETORIC (Feature, 2022)

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An intimate look at the working class community of Mastic Beach, NY and the businesses that line its main street. This documentary explores their stories - past, present and future, as inevitable change looms on the horizon.

Directors: James Evans & Amy Gaipa


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Mele Kalikimaka! A 1960s Mastic Beach Christmas bash, where the characters are surreal, the hunger is strong, and the whiskey deadly. 

Directors: James Evans, Amy Gaipa, Terrence Elenteny, & James Sharpe


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Following the death of their father, three adult siblings are haunted by him in their dreams, unsure how to interpret his presence and their own heartache.


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GOOD GRIEF (Short, 2018)

A man battles his environment to live peacefully. 


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BRENNEN (Short, 2017)

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A Dogme 95 inspired film following a cardiologist who on her last day of work is confronted by a ghost from her past.


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CALL ME, BEAUTIFUL (Short, 2017)

Three women dispute the ownership of a family home until foul play is the only solution.


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MY HOUSE (Short, 2016)

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When an optimistic janitor from Jersey is summoned to New York City for a will reading, the family of her best friend all get a punch in the face.


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JULIE & KAY (Short, 2016)

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Trilogy of Lamentations (3 Feature Films)

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Do You Want? (Short, 2021)

Two sisters grapple with the fallout of a local plane crash, both struggling to find the truth that is actively being covered up by their next door neighbor, the chief of police. 

Set in the same world as BAIT&TACKLE, this tale follows Katherine's daughter in the aftermath of her death, alone, living on her father's old boat, and attempting to escape an eccentric assassin. 

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Nightlife (Short, 2019)

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Just days after reluctantly moving into a retirement complex, Dorothy's husband mysteriously dies, evoking no remorse from the mayor of this "community," which encourages her to throw her hat in the ring.

Paradise (TV Pilot, 2018)

When an employee at an electric company is tasked with shutting off the power to local church, she takes matters in her own hands to inquire further about their condition.

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Light of Mine (Short, 2018)

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After dropping out of college because of crippling depression, a young man moves back to his hometown and gets his old job back at the community library, where he works with his over protective mom as a clerk.

Book Drop (TV Pilot, 2017)

Two strangers meet at a local pier during day break, bullshitting about their past, their hopes, and their plans for the morning.

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Gone Fishin' (Short, 2016)

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A county legislator battles the church, organized crime, and his family in an effort to undue decades of hypocrisy.

Dry County (Feature, 2015)

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